Odds are your pet will sometime in his or her life undergo a surgical procedure.

Surgical procedures can be divided into the following categories:

A “routine” surgery is a surgery performed on a healthy pet in a non-emergency situation. This usually means spays, neuters, and declaws.

A “non-routine” surgery is a surgery performed to correct a medical condition. Common surgeries in this category include bladder stone removal (cystotomy), lump and bump removals, and stomach and intestinal surgery.

Emergency surgeries are obviously performed within a short time of patient arrival in order to save a pet’s life. These conditions most commonly result from trauma although some medical conditions can create emergency situations for surgery.

At True Companion, we are equipped to and enjoy handling all of these surgical procedures.

However, certain specialized surgeries are best performed by a Board Certified Surgeon. If your pet were to require a certified surgeon, you can trust us to assist you in finding the right specialist to care for your pet.

All surgeries at True Companion are performed with the utmost care paid to patient care, compassion, and safety.

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