Boarding Authorization Form

Save time during your next appointment! Complete your boarding authorization form online from any device at any time before your visit.

Boarding Authorization Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit.


Medications Please provide medication in original packaging/bottles with drug labels

**True Companion Animal Hospital provides bedding and dishes

True Companion Animal Hospital, as is allowed by Texas law, is not equipped with an on-site fire suppression sprinkler system and does not employ on-site personnel during the hours of Mon-Fri 6pm-7am, Saturday 1pm-5pm & 6pm-7am, and Sunday 8am-5pm & 6pm-7am. All animals boarded at the facility will be left unattended during those times.

Proof of current vaccine status, active veterinary patient/client relationship within 1 year of boarding, and negative fecal intestinal parasite screen is required for boarding.

I am the owner of the pet(s) listed above and have the authority to execute this consent. I hereby consent and authorize True Companion Animal Hospital to board the pet(s) listed above and to medicate if needed.

If my pet(s) listed above is/are found to have external or internal parasites, they will be treated for said parasites at my cost.

I accept and acknowledge that True Companion Animal Hospital is not equipped with an on-site fire suppression sprinkler system. I further understand and acknowledge the facility is unstaffed between the hours specified and my pet will be left unattended during these times.

By signing this consent form, I agree to release the facility, its owners, its employees, and agents from any and all liabilities, claims, or expenses arising from my pet’s boarding stay, including but not limited to injuries, illness, or death. I have read and understood the statements outlined in this notice and consent form and release. I voluntarily consent to my pets staying at the facility and acknowledge that I am solely responsible for any consequences that may arise during their stay.

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