Pet Boarding

At True Companion Animal Hospital, we understand that there are times when your pet can’t be by your side.

Pet Boarding in Spring, TX

We offer dedicated pet boarding services, providing a secure and nurturing environment for your beloved companion.

Can’t take them with you?
At True Companion Animal Hospital we are committed to providing for all your pet’s needs. This includes providing a safe, healthy environment for your pet to stay in for those unavoidable times when they just can’t be with you.

dog sitting on grass

Puppy Dogs

Our facility has nine indoor/outdoor runs with roll-up doors. Pets staying in these runs will love the access to the outdoors in nice weather. We strive to provide a healthy, enjoyable experience for your pet.

Additional cage boarding is also available.

For your dog’s exercise needs, several large dog play yards are attached. Dogs are let out to run and play three times daily.

dog looking at camera

Kitty Cats

For the kitty cats, we have a special room just for feline boarding. The cattery is located in the front reception area adjacent to the kitty waiting area. This is far away from any barking doggies, which might distress feline sensibilities.

It features glass-back condos which look out upon the side lawn.

Entertainment will be provided by the local birds.