We strive to provide a healthy, enjoyable experience for your pet. In order to provide this service for your pet and your neighbor's pet we must have certain requirements:

VACCINES - All boarding pets must have up to date vaccines for their own safety.

* Rabies - according to state law

* DHPP - within last year or proof of 3 year vaccine

* Bordatella within last 6 months

BATHING - All dogs boarding four nights or more will receive a bath at owners expense.

FLEA AND TICK CONTROL - All pets will be examined on admission for fleas and ticks. If any are detected the pet will be treated with Capstar at owner expense.

At True Companion, we recognize that boarding can be a stress for the pet and the pet's family. When you have to leave your pet, you can trust that we will do everything we can to make your pet's stay as stress free and healthful as possible.

For Dogs, we provide the following amenities:

While at True Companion, your dog will enjoy access to our outside pens. All dogs are put out at least three times daily for exercise.

In addition, our doggie guests who reside in our indoor/outdoor runs enjoy daily access to the outdoors on pretty days. We find that dogs are much less lonely and exhibit less stress when they can see out as much as possible. All dogs are brought inside at dark.

We will administer any medications your pet may need. We will be sure your pet receives his medications correctly and in a timely manner.